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The Survival Garden – A New Way to Grow Your Very Own Healthy and Nutritious, Low Maintenance Home Grown Food.

Recently I came across a website called Survival Food Plants, which I must say, I found to be totally fascinating.

You see this is a term that I must admit I wasn’t completely familiar with but nevertheless it seemed pretty self explanatory, so I Googled the name and soon discovered it had several meanings which can be used in different contexts.

Firstly, Survival Food Plants is a term commonly used when lost

in the wilderness or remote areas. It refers to plants that are indigenous to a particular area that are obviously edible and can be used to survive on until help arrives.

On this particular website, they were used in a different context all together. This site was about Survival Gardening and Brett Campbell, the author, described these plants as ones that can be grown in your home garden.

They are plants that are firstly edible, are perennial, have a long or repeated harvest and best of all require a minimum amount of care.

Now I must admit, it was this last piece of criteria that really got

my interest as one of the main reasons why I like to garden Drought Tolerant Plants is for the very fact that most are very much “low maintenance”.

Therefore to find a group of edible plants that can be grown like the more typical varieties of fruit and vegetables, that we commonly find in western type vegie patches, that are easy to grow and low maintenance, certainly got my attention straight away.

So what exactly are the qualities of this group of plants and how can they be beneficial to the home vegie gardener?

Well for starters most of the plants listed are drought tolerant, require minimal fertilizers, are highly nutritious, are mostly pest resistant and can be used effec

tively as companion plants for more conventional vegetables to help to keep the bugs away and keep your other plants happy and healthy.

Therefore all in all, this was a very informative website. There’s so much more information there that I could possibly cover in this short post. So if you’re at all interested in discovering how to build a Survival Garden and how to grow Survival Plants in your home garden then go and take a look.

Growing Survival Food Plants in a Survival Garden is well worth the visit.



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